Monday, March 2, 2015

Funnies from the Littlest Littles - January/February 2015

AJ: The monkeys at school, they were hurt.
Me: Oh no!
AJ: It was okay. They were okay. They just have hurt their hands. And their hands hurt but they were okay because they could still sing. But then they could not sing! They were just okay til tomorrow. Okay?
Me: Ummm...okay.

AJ: I don't like orange jelly because it hurts my feelings and distracts me from eating. So don't eat it!

David told AJ not to eat her bogies when she had put her finger in her mouth. She told him, "It's okay. It didn't come from my nose or my eyes. It came from my ear."

Instead of Martin Luther King Day, Xander was calling it Martin Luthen King Day. I laughed and said "What?" And AJ piped up "Marter luthing Tuesday!"

Xander: Does your unicorn like apples?
AJ: Yes, but just the Greeny Sniff ones.
Xander: You mean Granny Smith?
AJ: Yes, Granny Sniff.

AJ sings "Jesus Loves Me" like this:
...Little ones in here we long,
But it's okay, cuz He is strong.

Words AJ says:
ledatard instead of leotard
yogurt pants instead of yoga pants
Balentime's Day instead of Valentine's Day

Xander: Mommy, when you die will I be able to visit you in heaven?
Me: Well, one day you'll join me in heaven, but you won't visit me there.
Xander: Oh, well, I'll love you even when you're gone.

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