Friday, March 30, 2012

About AJ - Four and Five months

I kind of missed out on Amelia Jayne's four month post, so I decided to combine months four and five. She was five months on Saturday - can you believe it?!?! Me neither!

Amelia Jayne turned 4 months old on Xander's birthday, February 24. She had another doctor's appointment this month where she again got two shots and took an oral vaccine. I find the whole immunization scene to be much easier this time around. I guess I know it's for her own good and I've seen her brother go through it and survive. She really did well - she's such a trooper. Best.Baby.Ever. :)

Here are her four-month stats:

Weight - 15 pounds, 6 ounces (63%)
Length - 25.75 inches (78%)
Head Circumference - 16 inches (20%)

As compared to Xander's at four months:

Weight -  14 pounds, 1 ounce (34%)
Length -  25 inches (55%)
Head Circumference -  17 inches (76%)

She still has a petite little head! Oh, if only she had come first, perhaps a c-section could have been avoided. Oh well. :)

What's new with her? Well, she's a roller now. She's been rolling over for two months, but there was a period of time when I thought she'd forgotten that she could do it! It's not unusual now for me to go in her room after nap or in the mornings and find her on her stomach or laying sideways in the crib. She also likes to reach for things on her activity mat and will roll over or kick her little legs until she moves to get what she wants. I've left the room and come back to find her inches from where I left her. Mobility, here we come!

She's starting to sit now. Her bottom is still pretty round (as my mom would say) but she can keep her balance for about 15 seconds or so. I usually keep the boppy pillow (or C-pillow as Xander calls it) around her to cushion her fall when she tumbles over. :)

EVERYTHING goes in her mouth. Except a pacifier. She still won't take one of those. But she loves to suck on her hands, toys, blankets, your fingers, chin, shirt...pretty much anything she can get her hands on. Xander wasn't as much like that, so this could be interesting. :) She actually prefers to suck on fabric. And she loves to have her blanket up by her face when she sleeps. Oh and watch out - she loves to give kisses, the sloppy kind. :)

She is still nursing well with no need to supplement formula. We started her on cereal this past Sunday. I'll post the video soon. :) She also has her first tooth! She went through a little fussy period last week and then Monday I felt in her mouth and there it was! The second one isn't far behind. She has a pretty massive bump in there just waiting to break through.

She still loves to watch Xander. She smiles when he comes in the room. Sometimes his loud shrieks and outbursts startle her, but it doesn't seem to bother her too much. He can make her laugh like nobody else.  It's so cute.

Just this week she's started really preferring me to anyone else. Even when David holds her, she looks around the room until she finds me. She won't take her eyes off of me if I'm in the same room with her. She also doesn't like me to leave the room. She'll cry now if I leave, even if nothing's wrong. I feel it..I know it's coming...the "separation anxiety" stage...aka, "Mommy can never have a moment alone" stage, lol.

Her hair is really starting to grow. She has a lot more than Xander did at this age. It's lightening up, too. Of course, I've posted enough about hair recently. :)

She's still an absolute delight! I just love her to pieces and I feel so blessed to have such a sweet girl!!

Sucking on that bottom lip

A new friend from GG.

I like to sit!!

Daddy just walked in and grabbed her attention.

She loves her daddy!!! 
Oh boy!! It's Daddy!!

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