Monday, March 12, 2012


This post resonated with me today.
I, also, affectionately refer to my son as the blanket hoarder, or the blanket thief, depending on my mood. He steals all of my blankets. As soon as I pull one out, I look over and he's curled up in it. I don't know how this happens. Right now he has 5 blankets on his bed, not including his comforter. Only one of them is mine. Because I took the others back. It's a game we like to play. Well, he likes to play. He steals my blankets. I steal them back when he's not looking. He's becoming very savvy to this game though. He's starting to notice when they're gone or when I've replaced them with others.
There is one brown blanket that I have on my bed. It stays on my bed except for when I go out of town and then it usually comes with me. He knows better than to steal that one. All others are up for grabs, though. David used to make fun of me for owning so many blankets. Little did he know that we would have a very good reason to have so many. If for nothing more than to make my little boy happy :).
At night, when I tuck Xander into bed, I always ask him what blankets he wants. He almost never waivers from this - "I want my ball blanket, Xander's blue blanket and Mommy's blue blanket." I think if I gave him my sweater he'd sleep with it, too. I'll remember to only do that with sweaters I don't want returned. :)

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