Friday, March 2, 2012

Xander - 3 years

Warning - this is a long post. :)

My boy is three!
Oh my goodness how time flies. :) He is a big boy. A big, big boy.
What a day weekend we had!
He turned three last Friday.

We started out the celebration at his preschool on Thursday. David, Mimi and I took cupcakes to his class and got to share in the birthday celebration.

He, Amelia Jayne and I spent Friday, his actual birthday, together doing things that he loves. He was allowed to open one present from Mommy and Daddy when he first woke up. 
A new Scout movie
He's really too old for this movie now, but he still loves Scout...and loves the movie because Scout's in it!

I made pancakes for him (this was not on my list of things to do, but he asked and I couldn't refuse him on his birthday :)). Then we drove uptown to the library where we took the train to the arena. There we stopped in to the Charlotte Bobcats team store and got him a basketball and Bobcats T-shirt. He is very proud of that shirt. :) It looked like a tornado might hit at any minute with the wind picking up and the sky getting eerily dark, so we decided to take the train back to the library. 

I carried Amelia Jayne in the baby carrier - she did fantastic!
Waiting on the train
On the train

Looking at the Arena from the platform
Watching the clouds roll in

We went into the library for a bit, saw some of my co-workers, played with the train table and some toys there, then headed over to Chick-fil-A where we picked up lunch and drove to Daddy's office for a fun lunch date with him.
Playing with the toys at the library

We had lunch together as a family, chatted and played some ball with David's co-workers, and then headed home for a much-needed nap.

When David got home from work, Xander opened his presents from us.

His new favorite game - Cars Memory!

After opening some gifts, we drove to Concord Mills to visit the Disney store. Xander got some money from his GG, great aunt Karen and great uncle EC, so we told him he could pick out a toy there. Of course he got some race cars from his favorite movie, Cars - Nigel Gearsley, Max Schnell, Raoule Caroule, and Lightning McQueen - and yes, I know all the names of all the race cars in the movie and I'm pretty proud of it :). After that we ate some dinner at McAlister's and then drove on to Mimi's where we spent the night.

The next day was his party and boy, did we have fun! We decided just to invite family again this year. Xander isn't too excited about little ones his own age yet. He loves his family though, especially his big cousins (and Aunt B). He had a Cars pinata, Cars tattoos, Cars decorations, even a Cars cake (made by yours truly and Mimi). The kids decorated goodie bags for the treats from the pinata and they even played a Cars game. It was tons of fun!

Decorating goodie bags

We had waffles for lunch (one of Xander's favorite foods) with all kinds of fillings/toppings. They were yummy!

Proudly displaying his Bobcats t-shirt and birthday hat.

Aunt B

Kaitlyn, Ee-oo and Aunt B

The decorations

The cake!


He wanted to drive the cars on the cake - it didn't work too well on the oreo road!
We went home that evening. Xander fell asleep when we were about 5 minutes from home. David carried him up to bed and held him while I stripped off his clothes and put new ones on him. He never even woke up. He was exhausted. :)

I call it a successful birthday. Oh how I love that boy!

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