Thursday, August 2, 2012

About AJ - Nine months

Another trip to the doctor this month. But no shots, thank God!!

Here are her 9 month stats:
Weight - 19lbs 1oz (54.5%)
Length - 28.5 inches (81%)
Head Circumference - 17 inches (26.5%)

As compared to Xander's at the same age:
Weight - 21 lbs (59%)
Length - 28 inches (43%)
Head circumference - 18.5 inches (91%)

Words in black were written July 10
Words in green were written on July 31

Amelia Jayne turns 9 months on July 24. More things are happening this month!

She's pulling up - on everything. She pulls up on the couch, her large toy block, the bathtub - pretty much anything that's around her height.

She's crawling like crazy! She can get anywhere she wants to now. Watch out, world! And watch out baby girl - stairs (and brothers) can be very mean. Luckily she hasn't met up with the stairs for the brother, that's a different story. :)

She has 5 teeth now, working on the 6th. She has quite the mouthful and has bitten me many times to prove it. She hasn't bitten her big brother yet and only bites me when she's nursing. We've had many heart to hearts and I always put her on the floor when she bites - that is just something I can't tolerate from her.
She got her sixth tooth not long after this was written. I'm starting to believe she might be working on the seventh one now!! And she's gotten much better about  not biting - we had quite a few heart to hearts about that one for sure.

She's much smilier with strangers these days! Maybe she just needed to be able to get around and be independent for those grins to come out. We were at walmart the other day and she gave the biggest grin to the lady greeting us at the door!

Her brother still makes her laugh more than anyone. I sometimes thinks he's too rough with her, but that seems to be when she laughs the most! She loves when he grabs her face to give her a kiss. She just loves when his face is right up against hers!

She's learned a little drama. Anytime Xander takes a toy from her she screams. Like the bloody murder kind. Even if he gives the toy right back to her, the damage is done. Her little feelings are hurt and no one can make it better...until they come and pick her up, smother her with kisses and remind her that she really is loved. :)

She says "Dada" and "Daddy" now in reference to David. She certainly knows who her daddy is. She also makes a "k" sound when she sees our cat. I think she's recognizing him too - I always call him kitty kitty. She also signed "all done" for me on Monday! It's the first time she's done that for me and I was very impressed! She meant it, too - she refused to eat anymore of the yogurt I was feeding her at the time. :)

We've added lots of other foods, but her favorite food is still sweet potatoes. We gave her cheerios and have started adding some more chunky pieces of foods, like watermelon and cantaloupe pieces. She's not excited about the textures, but I'm hoping she'll get over that with some practice. We're going to start giving her more finger foods this month. I started her on yogurt which she loves and cottage cheese which she loathes. She continues to dislike textures in her food, so I'm going to work on this over the next month and beyond. I'm continuing to breastfeed and plan to do so until she's a year, or my supply dwindles, whichever comes first.

 I'm continuing to work on her sign language. She can now sign "more" and "all done," which highly impresses me. Now that I know she can do those two, I'm working on "milk," "water," "thank you," and "please."

"All done!"

Overall, she is very healthy and so very wonderful! I love that little girl!!

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