Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Funnies from the Little man - Part 3

More funny sayings from my Xander-man, like this and this.

Xander: (Riding in his toy car) I'm driving now. See you later!
Me: Where are you going?
Xander: I'm driving to the recycle center to get some oil.

??Where does he get this stuff??

Xander: I would like some bears. (He means teddy grahams.)
Me: I don't want to ruin your supper, let's wait.
Xander: Let's go ahead and ruin our supper.

Xander: Guys, I can't get in my dresser. Daddy, can you help me? You're the architect.
Not exactly sure why it takes an architect to open a drawer, but Xander believes his daddy can do anything. :)

The next morning.
Xander: Mommy, can you fix Raoul CaRoule (one of his toy cars) for me?
Me: Oh Xander, I don't think we can fix that one. He's pretty broken.
Xander: Okay, I'll ask Daddy when he gets home. He's an architect.
Apparently architects are all-powerful. Or maybe just daddies.

Amelia Jayne had one of Xander's toys in his mouth.
Xander: No, Amelia Jayne!!! Don't chews on it!!

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