Sunday, February 17, 2013


What a difference a week can make, considering the snow we got yesterday! 

David and I went to Charleston last weekend for a nice romantic getaway. We stayed at The Inn at Middleton Place. What a beautiful place to stay! The weather was gorgeous (see above) and Middleton Place was spectacular. Between the beautiful grounds and gardens (they claim to have the oldest gardens in America) and the great city of Charleston, we didn't lack for things to do. I wish we could have spent a whole week there! 

The trees were absolutely gorgeous...and huge!

The camellias were in bloom. Gorgeous red, pink and white blossoms were everywhere. Amazing to see these beautiful colors in the middle of winter!
And the Spanish moss...oh, the Spanish moss! It's so southern! And pretty. :)

There were tons of wildlife wandering the grounds. We saw peacocks and peahens, guineas, sheep (maybe not so wild, I guess), swans, and bunnies. Though we didn't do any horseback riding (that's not David's thing) they do have them on the grounds. 

This swan swam right over and posed for a picture.

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