Sunday, May 19, 2013

Amazing moments

I absolutely love stories like these. One of the reasons I appreciate Ridge Church so much and the reason I serve weekly and dedicate my time and energy to this church is because the heart of Ridge Church is to invest in people. People who may not know Jesus. People who are lost or seeking. People who don't like church or never felt accepted by "church people." My church believes that everyone is important.

As we teach in Waumba Land - God made you. God loves you. Jesus wants to be your friend forever. Such simple truths that I sometimes struggle to remember every single day. No matter who I come face to face with in the course of my day and look into their eyes - those people were created by our Heavenly Father. He made them. He loves them. And He wants to be their friend.
An important truth to remember.

Patrick Furey Baptism from Ridge Church on Vimeo.

Jessica Cale Baptism from Ridge Church on Vimeo.

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