Saturday, May 25, 2013

Meeting the babes

Remember this guy? The Littles got to meet him today! He's doing great! Getting big - he's over 10 lbs now - and pretty healthy. He still struggles with weak lungs, which sometimes causes pneumonia, but he's doing much better!

We also got to meet David's other cousin, KJ's baby. Her name is Avery Clare. She was born almost 6 weeks ago. She was a preemie, too. KJ was around 35 or 36 weeks pregnant when she was born. She was right at 4 lbs at birth. She's doing well, too. She's up to 6 lbs now! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of any of my fam with little Avery, but here's one of Aunt B and Avery.

I love all the babies! They're so sweet! And tiny!! I have never held a baby in my life as itty bitty as Avery! You know I have big babies - both over 9lbs. 6 lbs is tiny! 
And they both have that awesome baby smell! Makes me want another one! Until I see how tired their mamas look...then I'm okay with my "big" kids. :)

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