Friday, February 28, 2014

30 Days of Blogging: Day Nine

Day 9: List 3 people who have influenced you, and how.

1. C.S. Lewis
I mean, what an interesting man. He had a phenomenal gift for writing and is an overall intriguing person. What an amazing heart of generosity and love. I would have loved to sit down with him and just listen to him talk, inspiration oozing from his every pore. To hear the thoughts in his brain and to sit in his presence would be intoxicating. He gives me hope.

2. Bono
A philanthropic icon.
He's Irish. (whoop!)
His music is awesome.
He's super-cool.
He helped create both One: The Campaign to Make Poverty History and Product(RED) which partners with businesses to buy medicine for people in Africa who can't afford it.
And my daughter favors him in this pic. In fact, I call her baby Bono now.

3. Jayne Walker
My mama. I could write about this woman for days. I have written about her and mentioned her in the past. Probably not enough, though, to give you the full context of my love and admiration of her. I could sit and tell you all the amazing things she's said, done or been to me over the years. I could not ask for a better mother. I couldn't even imagine my life without her. I have been so influenced by her that, in no way would I be the same if she were not in my life. She certainly makes me a better person. She taught me (and still teaches me) about Jesus. She taught me (and still teaches me) how to love. She gives advice on how to parent better, love better, and live better. But never has she forced these things on me. She gives me her opinions when I ask. She is an amazing woman and I'm thankful for her.

Influence or admire? My mom has obviously influenced me. The others? I'm not really sure. I do admire all of these people and I think in some way, seeing the amazing work, personalities or dedication these people have, they have opened my eyes to an awareness of the world around me. My mama included. :)

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