Thursday, February 27, 2014

Permission to change

I am so thankful to have such inspiring bloggers around. I read this post today and it reminded me how hard we can be on ourselves and that it really is okay to change our minds. It goes right along with this post.

I started writing the "30 Days of Blogging" series and stopped at 8. You know why? Mainly because I didn't want to write about the next topic. My mind was struggling with how to frame the post, what words to write and I wasn't giving myself the freedom to write for me. I felt that I needed to write for the world (because so many people read this blog. Ha!) I was afraid of sounding stupid or immature. Yeah, well, I probably am stupid and immature. So, now I'll just share the proof with you.

It's the same with other things, too. I might try one style of parenting and it doesn't work out anymore. So I need to change it. I might try out a new fashion trend and realize it's just not for me. I might have a thousand thoughts in my head at one time about how I can do certain things - parent, decorate, love my kids or my husband, etc. And fear of failure or of possible regret cripples me into not doing anything at all.

But I have to keep reminding myself that it's okay to change my mind. It's okay to stop doing something, start doing something or change things up completely. I live with the freedom of that. It's my life.

P.S. Day 9 is on its way.

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