Thursday, February 20, 2014


Dads are funny, right? I love mine. He still sends forwards like it's 1999, and he's big on sending me articles like this. He loves to send me articles about space and stars, too.
My sister and I love to roll our eyes at each other or exclaim how he'll only send one picture per email...and then send you thirty emails (I admit that he's learned how to send multiple pictures in one email now, but we had good laughs about that one).
Erin admittedly discards most of his forwards before she even looks inside, but I typically give them a glance. Sometimes I delete them pretty quickly and sometimes I take the time to read them. You know why? It's almost like research. I can read up on my dad. I can tell if he's feeling emotional or sentimental; right-winged or middle right-winged ;); looking for new projects or interests; what he's involved in at the moment; what he'd like me to be involved in.
Maybe the topics don't always pique my interest and maybe the forwards are cheesy, but...
they're my dad.
I know him better because I know his interests.
I know he loves me because he still sends me cheesy forwards.

I love you, too, Dad.

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