Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Funnies from the littlest Littles

A weekday while David was at work:
Me: I miss daddy. I'm ready for him to come home and see us.
X: I miss daddy, too. (sighing) I forget what he looks like.

X and I were having a conversation about Papa being sick:
X: I've been sick, too.
Me: You have?
X: Yeah, the other day I couldn't talk.
Me: Really?
X: Yeah…because my mouth was closed and I just couldn't talk!

We were driving in the car…
AJ: It stinks in here because there's a skunk.
Me: Oh, shooey.
AJ: Don't say shooey.
Me: But don't you think skunks stink?
AJ: (puzzled) They do?
(Nodding with an understanding look) Because they have poop in them.
Me: Well…I guess that's true, but it's mainly because they have a stinky smell they spray out. It's like a perfume but it's really stinky.
AJ: And they have poop.
(I can tell that explanation went over well.)

AJ: She told me "yes."
X: Are you talking about Ms. Erin?
AJ: No, I'm talking about Ms. Mommy.

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