Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Saturday breakfast

I know I alluded to our Saturday morning breakfasts in this post, but I thought I'd share about our new tradition. It wasn't really an intentional tradition, but I love it. It is honestly one of my favorite times of the week.

On Saturday mornings we eat breakfast together. It's as simple as that. David usually gets up and makes us breakfast - typically pancakes. It oftentimes involves bacon (because our daughter could eat her weight in bacon). But sometimes I make muffins or sausage balls or some other yummy breakfast-y goodness.

And we all sit together at the table. I make the kids wait on us before digging in because I'm a mean mom. We all sit down, say our blessing as a family and eat. All while laughing, talking over each other and enjoying the togetherness of it all.

I think I cherish this time so much because it's rare that the four of us are ever at the table together. Our schedule makes it tricky when the tinies are hungry at 5:30 and David doesn't get off work until 6 meaning he doesn't really get home until closer to 7. The kiddos are typically in bed no later than 8, so waiting to eat until he gets home is really not an option.

I used to long for dinners together as a family. Now I realize there's no use in wishing after something that doesn't work for us. We just make our own family time. If Saturday mornings are what we get then that's what I'll take. We do try to have "family movie night", we enjoy church together and we do our bedtime routine most nights as a family. I'm so thankful we have each other.

Maybe one day we'll reevaluate and see if those dinners will work. Until then I'll eat my pancakes with my family, smile and laugh and give thanks for the time we do have together.

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