Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pictures of Amelia Jayne

As is typical, time is getting away from me. I have so many posts that are partially written, or titled but not written at all. I hope to share them all with you, but if not, please know that I'm still here. My thoughts are so much faster and plentiful than the time it takes to write them all down.
Until I can get to some of the grittier parts of my life and heart, here are some pictures of my dear, sweet little girl.
This big girl peeled her orange all by herself!

Reading at the library after dance class!

She LOVES to read! Maybe more than anything else...except TV.
Drop-off with Daddy

...and mommy!

Amelia Jayne's classmate, Eloisa, comes running to greet me when I drop off AJ. It's so sweet!
Practicing her numbers.
This girl is loving her dance class!

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