Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Back in August, my friend Keith (whom I met through my aunt Karen over 20 years ago) gave Xander a picture of the official US Navy flag (which Xander lovingly called the "Old Navy" flag). It proudly hangs on the wall across from Xander's bed where he can look at it while he's lying down.
My aunt Karen, aunt Cheryl and Cheryl's sister Paula came to visit us last week. They had told me just before Thanksgiving that another friend of theirs who was in the Navy, Marc, had recently passed away and had wanted to give his flags to Xander because of my boy's love of flags. What an unusual interest in a child so young. And what a sweet and thoughtful gift for my little vexillologist!
These are all official flags that were flown on US Navy ships, so the ends are tattered and the colors faded. As we pulled the flags out, Xander knew where almost all of them came from. He really does love flags. :)

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