Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My friend Bonnie and I call each other "Re." I can't really explain it - it's one of those inside jokes that people don't get unless they were there. Anyway, we've been calling each other this for going on 12 years - can you believe that? 12 years. Wow. Anyway, I read this blog today on a whole series of "Re" words and it made me think of her - it's very true of her anyway :).

Here's an excerpt from one of the posts:

There are many “RE” words that are packed with hope and encouragement. The word REpurpose is often used today to remind us that many things once discarded, considered useless, and put aside for the trash heap, can be brought back, become useful once again, have value, and take on new meaning.
In the Scriptures we find some wonderful “RE” words that can keep hope and encouragement alive and thriving in our hearts.

Thanks, Re, for being so encouraging and full of hope!

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