Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Visit from Granddaddy & Nana

This week Granddaddy and Nana came to visit. We had a great time! We met up with Erin, Nathan, Kaitlyn and Patrick for dinner on Monday night which was nice - it's always good to see them. Tuesday we decided to go to Shelby and look around - at the lake, the downtown, etc. It was fun! An absolutely gorgeous day - I think the high was 86 with low humidity. We ate lunch outside at a cute little "burger joint" called Newts - I loosely call it a burger joint because, although it has tons of burger choices, they really have something for everyone! Karen and I both had the portobello mushroom sandwich and dad had the black bean burger. They had homemade potato chips and sweet potato fries, and for dessert Xander and I shared an awesome milkshake! I think I really liked that place as this post is becoming more about that than anything else. :) We really enjoyed walking around downtown, too. Lots of little boutiques, specialty shops and cafes. Very cute place. The weather helped me enjoy it even more - oh how I'm looking forward to a nice string of cooler days...I really can't complain - it's been fairly nice for the past week and looks to be nice for the rest of this one.

It was a quick trip, as they typically tend to be, but full of fun and visiting. Xander really enjoys having his Granddaddy and Nana around. Granddaddy and Xander enjoyed having sneezing wars (don't ask) and laughing hysterically. There was a lot of playing with cars and tractors, and running around chasing each other. Those guys really do love each other. :)

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