Friday, May 4, 2012

Books I've read: Jan - April, 2012

Here's the list of books I've read so far this year. Not too shabby, considering I have quite a bit less time to read than I did last year at this time.
I would rather watch my littles smile and coo and play than read books anyway. Most of the time. :)

1. Real Marriage: The Truth about Sex, Friendship and Life Together by Mark and Grace Driscoll
Interesting. Good information for those marrieds who are always looking to improve their marriage. I agree with much of what they say, not all. There's a great chapter at the end of the book about "reverse engineering" your marriage. It includes a questionnaire that I plan on looking at with David. There are some great questions about the future, where we are and where we'd like to be, making changes, that kind of thing. Overall I enjoyed it.


2. The Hunger Games
3. Catching Fire
4. Mockingjay all by Suzanne Collins
I did not plan on reading the Hunger Games trilogy at this time. I'd been wanting to read it, but never got around to it. Then David said he really wanted to see the movie, so I figured I'd go ahead and read it. I always prefer reading books before watching their movie. I didn't anticipate reading all three of them before we went to the movie, though! I had to. Each story bled into the next and was riveting enough that I wanted to sit down and read the next one. I read all three of them in about 2 weeks. I love a good series and this one was great!

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