Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I love being a mom.
I love my kids and my husband for making me a mom. I thanked them for that on Sunday.
I love my mom.
I wish I could've been with her on Mother's Day.
I have some amazing women in my life - my mom, mother-in-law, sister, family and friends .
They've helped me in this journey of motherhood.

This year, Mother's Day wasn't exactly what I expected it to be. I talked to my mom for a long time on the phone the other day and she reminded me that we can honor our mothers any day. It's nice to be reminded with a day like Mother's Day, but it's important to spend time and honor them other days of the year, too. I hope my mom knows how much she means to me. And I plan to show her that throughout the year. :)

Even though David had to work on Sunday (my poor husband had already logged 39.5 hours this week by yesterday at 4pm!) we had a wonderful time together on Saturday. We had a picnic in the park, played on the playground and played ball, took a long and beautiful walk through some lovely areas of Plaza Midwood, ate ice cream together, and loved on each other. I am certainly honored to be Amelia Jayne and Xander's mommy.

Thanks, family. I'm glad to be a mom.

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