Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Day That You Were Born

This is the song that our music programming director at Ridge Church, Chris Kincaid, played during the slideshow at Amelia Jayne's Baby D. Absolutely beautiful.

The day that you were born 
I could have weathered any storm 
For I had never been 
As strong as I was then 
A flicker into a flame 
A life behind a name 
This babe, so wonderful 
That came and made us whole 

The love, the light 
The beauty of all that is sacred began 
With the touch of your hand 
My love, my life was changed from darkness 
To ravishing light, the day you were born 

Your eyes, deep as the sea 
Your breath, it's calming breeze 
And pulled by gravity 
Your hands, they reach for me 

When your heart is broken 
And your colors start to fade 
I'll pour my love upon you 
And wash the hurt away 
To me, my child, you've been given 
With you, I vow to stay 
This lovely tale will have no end 
In the light of Heaven's grace 
You're my miracle

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