Thursday, October 10, 2013

How David and I are different

Just a few ways David and I are different:

He likes salted caramel.
I prefer good ol' dark chocolate.

I'm, what you might call, a control freak.
He's pretty good at letting go.

He prefers cold drinks.
I prefer hot beverages.

He likes butterfingers.
I like York peppermint patties.

I like to read.
He doesn't. Just kidding. He'd prefer to do about a hundred other things first, is all.

He likes sci-fi.
I need any genre to have a good relationship in that plot to hook me.

He likes to be alone.
I like it more and more each day. :)

I talk all the time.

My mind is constantly in motion, always thinking about the next thing.
His...isn't. :)

I'm somewhat impulsive.
He's more cautious and considers things first.

I love wine.
He tries to like wine, but he just doesn't.

He loves crab cakes.
I try to like crab cakes, but I just don't.

He's very focused.
I'm very scattered.

He points out buildings and structures.
I point out flowers and sunsets.

We have a lot of differences, but we seem to be pretty compatible. :)
I have to say that I love that man more and more each day, despite our differences.
And maybe because of them.

Thanks to the Pioneer Woman for yet another blog idea. Love ya, P'Dub!

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