Thursday, October 17, 2013

Funnies from the little man - Part 7 + a bonus from baby girl

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(After I cut a windshield and doors into a cardboard box to make a car for him)
X: Mommy, let's play in my box car.
(Technically he's right, but it just struck me as funny.)

One day Xander and I were having a conversation about family members. He said this about my Aunt Karen:
X: I just call her KTG because she's so special.
(KTG stands for Karen the Great...because she is)

(After the floor had been mopped and I had asked him to stay off the floor)
X: Mommy! How can I get to my car? The floor got clean and now I can never get to it again!

(Talking to Grandma on the phone after we went to the pumpkin patch.)
X: My pumpkin is soooo heavy!
Grandma: It is?
X: Yeah, but it's okay because I've got my big man muscles on.

Me: Did you show Mimi and Papa a toy?
X: Yes. I showed them my potato head and it was the best time of their life.

X: Why aren't you snoring?
Me: Why? Do I snore when I lay with you sometimes?
X: Yeah.
(Me laughing.)
X: Nah, I'm just kidding.
(I know he's not!)

(Xander on the phone with Amelia Jayne while she was spending the night with Mimi)
X: Hi baby girl! It's me, Xander! I love you. Oh, you're so sweet. You can't see me because I'm on the phone, but I'll see you tomorrow.

And here's a bonus from the little girl:
(Said to David as he walked in the door from work)
AJ: Hi, my daddy! Hi, baby daddy!
(I'm assuming she said this because she calls herself baby. Funny, nonetheless.)

Here's more cuteness from the baby girl.

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