Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Discovery Place Kids

For Xander's birthday, he got a year membership (and his family did, too!) to Discovery Place Kids. We've already been twice in the past month. The kids absolutely love it!
There is so much to do. Themed areas like an airport, doctor's office, vet, construction site, café, grocery store, bank, and farm. There's a huge water table, train table, fire truck, fitness area, and  underwater world. They have story times, puppet shows, craft areas, and dance parties. We spent 5 and a half hours there the first time (we had gone with friends who wanted to get their money's worth) and then 3 and a half hours the second time. My kids could go for many hours each week and still love it. There's that much to do!
AND it's only 20 minutes from our house. Awesome!
Water Table

Music Area

Fitness Area

Puppet Show

Doctor's Office

Band-aid on the boo boo

Fire Station
(with real fire truck!)
Underwater World

And that girl was still playing even on our walk to the car. :)
Balance beam?

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