Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Funnies from the Littlest Littles

Me: Ooh, that's a pretty color. What color is it?
X: Orange
Me: It says "outrageous orange"
X: Yeah, 'rageous orange.

AJ: (very concerned) You have boo boo on you chin?
Me: I do.
AJ: I sorry, Mommy.
Me: It's okay. It doesn't hurt.
AJ: I sorry I hit you an hurt you chin.
Me: You didn't do that!
AJ: Xenon do it?
Me: No, mommy did it by accident.
AJ (very inquisitively, eyebrows furled): Your mommy?

We were in the car taking turns telling stories. Xander told his and AJ said in a most incredulous voice, "That amaaazing."

X: There's a plunch of balls in there.
Me: You mean a bunch?
X: No, there's a lot of balls. That's called a plunch of balls.

Me: Did you know Daddy and I went to kindergarten together?
X (skeptically): You did? Who was your teacher?
Me: His name was Mr. Seabrook.
X: Is he dead or something?
Me: No! I sure hope not!
X: Well, when's he gonna die?
??? I was dumbfounded with this one! Ha!

X: I don't want to watch Netflix. I'd rather watch huloop.
Me: Hulu?
X: Nah, huloop.
Me: Mm...okay.

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