Thursday, May 8, 2014

Holly Wobby

I LOVE the way preschoolers talk. I love how honest they are and their pronunciations of things.
Here's a conversation we had in my car the other day:

Me: Hey guys, we're going to Hobby Lobby and I need you to listen and behave while we're there.
AJ: Okay, Mommy.
X: What's Hobby Lobby?
Me: It's a store where we're going to pick up some crafty things to make for your teachers for teacher appreciation week.
AJ: What Holly Wobby?
X: What did you say?
AJ: Holly Wobby.
Giggling ensues from both me and Xander.
X: Holly Bobby?
AJ: No, Holly Wobby.
Me: Hobby Dobby?
X: Hobby Dolly?
AJ: No! Holly Wobby!
etc., etc.

You get the idea. We had so much fun laughing and playing with the words. Sometimes Amelia Jayne gets frustrated when we don't understand her. On this occasion, she giggled along with us and made up new words, too.

Xander was always so articulate that I didn't have much trouble understanding him. Amelia Jayne is so different. She has difficulty with a lot of words, but the good thing is that she continues to try them out. It certainly doesn't keep her from talking!!

Oh, and her new thing is "okay."

"Mommy, I need some mo strawbewwies, okay?"
"I go over der and get my baby. You stay right der, okay?"

And if I don't hear her (or don't respond) it becomes, "Okay, Mommy? Okay? Okay?"


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