Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day weekend

My family and I went to Johnson City for the weekend. Mainly, we wanted to be with David's mom since this was her first Mother's Day without her own mom. It was a nice weekend in a lot of ways and a hard one, too. The family was going through Gigi's house, cleaning and taking out items that are precious to us. They're going to have an estate sale in a few weeks, so wanted to make sure family had a chance to claim the items that hold memories and love.

It was nice to visit with everyone and to see how much the kids have grown. You can see that my kids are giants compared to the others!! Of course, they're older, so there's that. And that sweet Avery is a tiny little thing!!
From left to right:
Ethan (16 months), Amelia Jayne (2 years 6 months), Xander (5 years 2 months), Avery (13 months), and Emory (18 months).
So fun!

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