Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Moments in May

I had the privilege of joining Xander on his school field trip to ImaginOn (my stomping grounds) to see the play "The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark." He and I had read the story beforehand (one of our first chapter books) so it was fun for us to see the play together.
The Children's Theater of Charlotte did a great job with this production! All the kids and adults who went on the field trip enjoyed it immensely!

One day I walked into the living room to see that Amelia Jayne had found a pack of her stickers. There were over 50 stickers (see pic below) in the book and I'm pretty sure every single one of them made their way to her body! :)

 Another trip to Discovery Place Kids. I'm sure we'll go many times this summer!

The kids and I went to visit Granddaddy and Nana a couple of weeks ago. Xander had a great time flying the plane! Granddaddy is so much fun and just made Xander's day when he let him take control of the wheel.

 A fun treat one evening when Daddy had to work late. Frozen yogurt makes everyone happy!

Amelia Jayne came running downstairs the other day decked out in her play clothes. But she insisted on keeping her glasses on for most of the morning. She said she wanted to be like mommy. :)

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