Sunday, August 17, 2014

2000 days

Today my boy is 2000 days old.

And he starts school in 11 days.

I'm pretty sure he's had some amazing experiences, retained great knowledge and will be ready to start kindergarten. Important stuff for those first 2000 days.

His school does staggered entry for kindergarten that first week. We got a letter a couple of weeks ago letting us know that his first day will be Thursday, the 28th. We go to his open house on Thursday of this week and then his kindergarten orientation next Tuesday, the 26th. It's all coming up so quickly!

People keep asking me how I feel about it. I think I was more nervous about him starting preschool when he was 2. He's grown so much and is just…ready. I think if he was sad or nervous, or I was concerned about his social, emotional or intellectual well-being, then sure, of course I would be worried. This is a huge milestone, and though I understand that many moms get emotional over the whole thing, I haven't experienced that yet. Instead of being sad, I'm just excited for him. I guess it helps that I loved school.

We did back-to-school shopping and I got him a couple of new shirts to start the year (although I guarantee that he'll be wearing soccer jerseys most days…that's what he prefers over anything else right now) and I ordered his school supplies on amazon (took about 30 minutes, whereas I would probably be searching high and low in a store! FYI - the school lists are very specific. You must have the right brands, the right colors, and the right amount of everything. We have amazon prime, so all the shipping was free, too. Saved me a huge headache, for sure!), plus Grandma came down and let him choose a new book bag. :) He was thrilled!

I can't promise there won't be tears on that first morning (after I drop him off, of course ;) ) but I will say   that right now I'm just giddy with excitement for him!!

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