Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer fun!

We've enjoyed so many things this summer…

Running into friends at Chick-fil-A,

Preston and AJ went to preschool together. Preston is 3 weeks older than AJ, but looks so little!! His sister, Macey, was in Xander's class.

Enjoying special treats,

This was after my sweet girl slung her first cone across the restaurant because she needed to "hold it myself!" Haha! Life with a 2 year old!

I took the kids to a bakery in Mocksville to let them pick out a treat - both got cupcakes, of course!
Side note: David worked at that bakery when he was in high school. And we got our wedding cake from there, too. :)

Fun times at the lake, enjoying the boat,

Xander loves to help Aunt B drive!
and feeding the ducks,

These ducks are tame and will eat right out of your hand! The kids loved it. I was impressed with their bravery!

Splashing in puddles,

We've had so much rain this summer and gorgeous temperatures!!

Going to a soccer game,

His team won!

Finally getting an American flag for my budding vexillologist,

Playing with stickers,

Enjoying lazy mornings on the couch,

Yes, my daughter is wearing winter sleeper pajamas that I bought for this winter. She insisted!

and more exciting mornings at Bounce U.

And we've got a trip planned to see my Aunt Karen and Cheryl in Virginia and one more trip to the lake coming up.
It has really been a great summer!!

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