Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kid date nights

Xander and David spent last night at the soccer practices for Milan and Liverpool. Tonight they go to their game. They're both so excited!

Intently watching the game.
Our friend, Patrick, brought his little girl, Keira, to the game, too. She might have enjoyed the cotton candy more. :)
AJ and I started out our date at Jason's Deli. Gotta love free soft-serve!!

Since the boys were headed out to that, I decided to take Amelia Jayne to a "Frozen" event Barnes & Noble was putting on. It was crazy…I don't even know how many kids were there, but it was full when we got there at 6:30 (the event started at 7pm). It was a madhouse of disorganization - too noisy, too many people to be expected to listen to (or even hear) a story or sing a song or participate in a craft. And the fact that they had Elsa and Anna there to take pics with, but no line and no organization, was totally off-putting. I was completely unimpressed with B&N. Of course, I work at a library where we're used to putting on huge events and we anticipate crowds and crazy. The workers at B&N must not be aware of the huge phenomenon that is Frozen. Even I anticipated there would be tons of kids there...

But despite all of that, Amelia Jayne loved it! She was mesmerized and ecstatic to meet these ladies as evidenced in the photos below. :)

How excited is she?!?

Totally blurry, but love that I somewhat captured the quick hug on camera.
And, of course, we ended our evening going home, putting on pjs and curling up in Mommy's bed to watch "Frozen." Perfect end to a pretty amazing evening. :)

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