Friday, August 8, 2014

Waumba Land

I don't write a whole lot about Waumba Land (totally unintentional), but it's one of my favorite things that I'm part of.

Waumba Land is the preschool environment at our church. We have 6 different classrooms for all the ages (from birth to 5) and will be adding a couple more soon to accommodate our growing church!

This past January I stepped down from being coach (heading up the small group leaders, keeping the schedule filled, sending out notes of encouragement to teachers, and making sure Sundays run smoothly) and stepped into a classroom to fill a gap we had. (It was with the 4 and 5 year olds - Xander's class. I have to say that I totally enjoyed it!) I needed a break from coaching, which carries a lot of responsibility, and was having too many life moments that felt overwhelming. I'm in a different place now and feel a little less "whelmed" so I'm excited to start coaching again at the end of this month. Even better to me is that the need arose for a coach and my life had calmed down enough that I was eager to jump back in. God is so good with His timing.

A note about Ridge Church:
I absolutely love being part of a church that loves the people of this city, was created to help people who don't go to church feel like they belong even if they don't believe, totally moves toward the messes - when the questions get tough, we just dig right in - and teaches about Jesus.

I've been to lots of great churches in my past - some who believed in Jesus and taught His Word, but didn't talk much about non-believers; some who cared a little too much about rituals and tradition; some who focused too much on growth and money; some who loved welcoming new people, but weren't willing to deal with tough questions…the list could go on and on. And let me tell you - I loved each of those places. I don't think I've ever gone somewhere that I hated. But let me tell you that by far, the place I have felt most fulfilled has been Ridge church. I soak up each sermon I listen to. I worship my Lord in song with a bounce in my step and hands raised high. I serve my God each Sunday by making the preschool environment the best I can. I give my money away gladly, knowing that it's being used wisely and for God's glory. I have opportunities to volunteer outside of the church. I have community with fellow believers in our community group. I have friends and people I would call my family. I sit in leader meetings in awe that our leadership is so humble and honest - they admit they don't know it all and that they're learning right alongside the rest of us, by the grace of God. But above all this is a church that follows Jesus. And that's exactly where I want to be.

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