Saturday, August 2, 2014

Science fun

This summer at the library, we've been celebrating and encouraging summer reading. The theme this summer is Fizz, Boom, Read! (A science theme…)
I've researched a lot of experiments that I can do with my preschool groups at the library, and have decided to bring some of them home to do with my own kiddos.

One was the Rubber Egg experiment. I might've gotten a picture, but unfortunately, when the egg is dropped it does not last. Xander held it for about 5 seconds before he dropped it on the floor and it splatted everywhere. Disgusting! He was heartbroken, so I told him we'd do it again. Fun and amazing experiment, though!

Another one we tried was the Color Changing milk. The kids loved it! It was very cool. A little anticlimactic for the kiddos, and maybe lacking the "wow factor" due to their ages, but I was mesmerized! Very fun!

I have one more experiment (mixing colors) that I want to try with the kiddos, involving baking soda, food coloring and vinegar. And another involving skittles. I'll try to take pictures and post those, too. I've been doing those color experiments with kids at work all summer and each program has been a huge success!!

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