Friday, August 1, 2014


The kids have been totally into pirates this summer! They absolutely love Jake and the Neverland Pirates and since they've gotten some dress-up and Jake stuff over the past few months, they've been playing games, pretending and enjoying being pirates.
We got The Pirate Fairy movie (the newest Tinkerbell story) and have watched it many times this summer. 
We visited the Pirates Voyage while we were at the beach - it was fantastic! Even the adults loved it. Amelia Jayne fell asleep halfway through, but that was mainly because it was during her nap time and she had been so active while we were at the beach. She did enjoy what little she saw (and we didn't have to pay for her because she sat on David's lap) and Xander was absolutely captivated! Great show!

I've learned not to ask questions. Why is the pirate princess naked? Why are y'all wearing snow boots? There is no logical answer, so I just go with it. :)

Is it just me or do they look kind of like pirates of death?!? Pale, serious...
Had to include this one because, again, sister is totally looking up to big brother to figure out what she should do!!

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