Monday, September 1, 2014

August funnies from the littlest Littles

While reading a book together:
AJ: Awww, he sad. Him not have a friend to play with.
Me: Would you like to play with a friend?
AJ: I not need a friend right now. I have you!
(Such a sweetheart!!)

Some of my aunts and uncles from TX and OK were coming to visit, so Xander and I were talking about it.
Me: Do you remember my Aunt Sylvia, Uncle Bobby, Uncle Bill and Aunt Rae?
X: Yeah, I remember them, but I always remember big Papa the most.
(Big Papa was what the kids called my grandfather, my mom's dad. Xander was only 20 months old when he died, but we have videos of them together, so he watches those. So sweet to know that my Papa, "Big Papa," is remembered.)

I had been saying nursery rhymes with the kids earlier in the day. That night, when I put Amelia Jayne to bed, she said, "I want you sing 'Diddle, Diddle, Cat.'"
(aka Hey, Diddle Diddle) :)

David told Xander he could watch highlights of the soccer game and Amelia Jayne piped up,
"I wanna watch starlights!!"

David has had shingles twice this summer. After the most recent bout with them, Xander said this in his prayers one night:
"And please make Daddy's shimmers go away."

I was talking to Amelia Jayne about her new school and some of the new friends she'll have there.
Me: Amelia Jayne, you're going to have new friends at school - Spivey and Eloisa.
AJ: (excitedly, drawing in a deep breath) They my best friends, right??
(I wish I could convey the emotion and excitement she had in her voice. It was almost as if this was the best news she had ever heard. She gets so excited!!)
Then she says, "I give them some of my panties that not fit anymore. The little ones? They pretty panties."
(In her defense, we had been talking about panties just previous to this conversation.)

David was putting Xander to bed one night and this is the conversation they had.
X: Are we going to have another baby?
David: I don't think so.
X: Oh, well, we can ask for one for Christmas.

Xander told me the other day that he didn't want to get his haircut because he's growing it out like David Luis.
This is a pic of David Luis.
Good luck with that, sweetie. :)
I personally don't mind if he grows his hair out (or really care what he wants to do with it) but I don't think his hair will ever look like David Luis's. We'll see what he ends up with.

And speaking of hair...
My kids have this app on the iPad called Endless Alphabet. They love it! It really is a great app for kids and gets a stellar review on Horn Book. I love the unusual vocabulary words they introduce, the great descriptions they have for the words, that the kids have to match the letter and put it in the right place to create the words, and that the monsters make it super-fun.
But I digress.
Amelia Jayne was playing the game one day and called me over.
"Mommy!" she said. "Look! Watch this with me."
I did.
She was on the word 'fluffy.'
And this was the picture:

At the end of the demonstration she said, 
"See, it's like your hair!!" 
Wait. What?
Gee thanks, kid.

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