Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Circles, not rows

Ridge church has a saying, "We do life better in circles, not rows." What they mean by that is that, sure you can come to service on a Sunday morning and sit in a row and learn about Jesus, but if you really want to live life with people and see Jesus lived out through other people's lives then it's better to be in a connection group.
David and I went to Grouplink Sunday night which is where you meet people who will potentially be in your group. We had a very promising experience. I'm excited to start up next week.
I've made some really great friends through small group. I am so excited that some of my closest friends are in this small group, too.
I have so many prayers going into this group. I pray for God to grow authentic relationships where He is glorified and we gain better and more significant understanding of who He is. I pray that my kids will see that their dad and I make getting together with other couples a priority - and that we do it together as a couple. I pray that our lives, as well as others in the group, are changed for the better. I hope we can all share our burdens, our excitement, our struggles and our joys with one another.
This is gonna be a great year!

Bonus: Erin, the kids' favorite babysitter (who lives just down the road!), will be watching the kids each week while we attend group. I'm so thankful for her!! God has provided so many wonderful things through this girl!

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