Friday, September 19, 2014

Soccer and a life lesson

Xander started soccer last week. I got information about games this week, so I sent an email to grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins...ya know - everyone we know who might possibly want to come see my kid play soccer.

This is part of the email I sent out:
"He is LOVING practice!!! We just need to work on kicking the ball in the right direction, not stealing from teammates and not cowering when the ball comes his way.
Can't wait for the game. :)"

I was basically being snarky, because I can just imagine what this first game is going to be like. However, my mom immediately replied saying, "What a great life lesson, right? We could all learn from this - kick the ball in the right direction, don't steal the ball from the kids on your own team, and don't shy away when the ball comes at you."

I pondered this for days after she said it. My mom. She's so insightful and awesome. :)

And she's right.

How often do I go in the completely wrong direction? I get so caught up in "playing" that I don't always think to look where I'm going. Looking to the future and having a goal (pun possibly intended) will help me plan the here and now more accurately and intentionally.

Or what about when I want to be recognized or have my turn with "the ball?" Why not just take over and take control of something that isn't even meant for me? Just bully my way in to get it done. Sometimes it's so much easier to do it myself than to work with teammates, but we all have teammates we must learn to work with, whether it be family, co-workers, church family or neighbors. We have to be considerate of them. And who knows? They may just be better suited for that job than we are at the moment.

And finally, let's be brave. The ball is gonna come at you sometimes. Don't shy away - stand up and give it a header if you have to. :)

Man, who knew I could learn so much from soccer. :)

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Kristen said...

ahhh, I love this! and so true!