Monday, September 15, 2014


I have really come to love Mondays.
They're almost my favorite day now (besides Saturdays when Daddy's home and we can be together as a family).
Amelia Jayne and I spend Mondays together. I signed her up for dance lessons (a simple Mommy & Me dance, nothing too stressful) that meet on Mondays, so we went to the Y this morning. After dance my dear friend, Crystal, brought her kids to child watch and I left AJ there with them while Crystal and I walked and talked. We got about 2.5 miles in while we were talking - two things I really enjoy: visiting with friends and getting something done (in this case exercise). And it was SO beautiful outside that we used the outdoor track. Fall is almost here, my friends. :)
AJ and I watched Sophia the First while we ate lunch. I had leftovers from my date with David last night, she had string cheese and an apple. I'm thinking I should go on her diet! Ha!
She's so funny because she never lets me get away with reading a book or looking at my phone when we have alone time together. She'll look at me and say, "You wanna watch with me?" Which is her sweet way of telling me to put aside my distractions and really spend time with her. I can never pass up that requested time.
She's down for a nap right now - which she basically did on her own. That kid amazes me. She wanted to lay in her bed while I read her a story and then she got under her covers, told me it was time for me to go, and now she's fast asleep (and has been for almost 2 hours).
I'm relishing these couple of hours to myself while I wait on Xander's bus to get here. Time to myself (when I'm not working) is scarce these days.
And I've learned that time to myself helps me to enjoy those special people in my life so much more. I'm rejuvenated and energized by a little alone time. Who is this person? I used to think I could NEVER have too many people around. Ha! Now I know better. :)
And now it's time to go get my oldest baby from the bus…
Happy Monday, y'all!

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