Thursday, September 11, 2014

Simple Pleasures

I love hearing about things people are doing - books being read, movies being watched, music listened to, TV enjoyed, etc.
Sarah Bessey does a post every once in a while highlighting the things she's been up to. In that vein, I think I'll do something similar. Minus the books. You can see what books I have read over the last few months here.
Despite the "no books" thing, I wanted to share this link. I found it pretty fascinating to see what Facebook and amazon users are reading. I've read many of the books on those lists, but I also found many to add to my forever-long-list of books on my to-read list.

So, without further ado, here are some simple pleasures I've enjoyed lately...

Guardians of the Galaxy - David and I went to see this in the theater for a date night last month. I was not thrilled to see it, but David really wanted to so I agreed to go. I LOVED it!! It was so funny and sweet and ridiculous and heart-warming. Go see it. You'll thank me later.

For an at-home-date-night we rented The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It was alright.

At the beginning of the summer (like in May) we watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I loved that one, too. I really like the Avengers and most of their movies. I'm definitely partial to Captain America, but Thor is a close runner-up. We've obviously been in a superhero/graphic-novel-in-movie-form phase lately. But that's what's out and big right now. For the most part, I've loved it!

A couple of months ago we watched The Fault in Our Stars. It was really good and held up well to the book's awesomeness. David actually loved the movie, which I was pleasantly surprised by. He had taken me because he knew how much I liked the book. I was so glad that he liked the movie, too.

We really haven't watched many movies lately, which is kind of odd for us. I would still like to see Boyhood and Lucy, though.

Fall is the season when all the shows start back. Since there were no new ones I was interested in watching over the summer, I took David's recommendation and started watching a USA show called Suits. David re-watched seasons 1 & 2 with me and we just finished watching season 3 together. It was really good!

I am so addicted to The Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon. I've watched every single episode (on Hulu - I certainly can't stay up to watch it!). It's become my treadmill show. And, let me be honest, I am a Jimmy Fallon fan all the way - he TOTALLY makes the show. He is so funny, sweet, good-natured, likable, and just downright adorable! I love that show!!

I'm looking forward to our shows coming back! Here's my list:
Big Bang Theory Sept 22
Downton Abbey Jan 4 in America (but I'm sure my hubby will find the British version which comes out very soon)
Homeland Oct 5
The Mindy Project Sep 16
Modern Family Sep 24
New Girl Sep 16
my fave, Parenthood Sep 25
Parks & Rec ??
The Voice Sep 22
If you're wondering where I got my information, look no further.
Most of these shows I'll have to catch up with later in the season. I just don't have the time to watch TV like I used to.

I've really been enjoying Ed Sheeran's newest album X, especially the songs "Tenerife Sea" and "Sing."
Hillsong United's song "Oceans" has stuck with me for months now, throughout the whole spring and summer. I cannot get enough of it.
Still loving Coldplay's album, Ghost Stories, especially "A Sky Full of Stars."
Haven't purchased Maroon 5's newest - V - but plan to soon.

Things I'm loving:
Pumpkin Spice lattes are back, y'all! I've only had one, but I'm so happy about it!

In that same vein, I pulled out my fall decorations and fall scents - air fresheners and candles. I am in 7th heaven!! Even Amelia Jayne got into it, exclaiming over every decoration and candle -"It's so beautiful!" and "Everything is lovely!" and my favorite "I LOVE fall day!" It was the cutest thing. And I am right there with her!

I picked up some beautiful stationary a couple of weeks ago at Target. Mara Mi is the company. The exact stationery I got is no longer available, but I think it's just lovely - half is coral chevron and and the other half is navy with cream dots. I just love pretty things. :)

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