Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Xander's about to turn 4. As most of us probably know, four is the year of "why?" And he asks that question all the time now.

Why is that a little dog?
Why is her name Daisy?
Why are we going this way?
Why do we go this way to school?
Why do we eat breakfast?
Why are they mittens?

And the list goes on...(these were just questions he asked me this morning before school).

This morning Xander and I were having a conversation at breakfast. It went something like this:
X: I'm Grandma and Mimi's grandson.
Me: That's right, honey, you are.
X. And I'm Aunt B's nephew.
Me: Uh huh.
X: And Aunt B is Daddy's sister.
Me: Who's my sister?
X: Ee-oo. Just like Amelia Jayne is my sister!
Me: Yes! That's exactly right!
X: Why is Amelia Jayne my sister?
Me: Because God gave her to us.
X: Why did God give her to us?
Me: Because He gives us special gifts - and she is one of them.
X:Yes. She was in your tummy at the hospital.
Me: And you lived in my tummy, too.
X: Yeah. [pause] Why does Amelia Jayne live here now?
Me: Because she's part of our family.
X: Who else lives here?
Me: You tell me.
X: You and me and Daddy!
Me: Mmm hmmm.
X: And who lives in my heart?
Me: Jesus.
X: And God, too.
Me: That's right, sweetie.
X: I love you so much, Mommy.
Me: [holding back the tears] I love you, too.

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