Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bible story

Last Sunday Xander learned about the miracle of Jesus healing a man who couldn't hear or speak. Here's his version of Mark 7:31-36.

Don't you just love his hat, mittens and glasses? He insisted on telling the story with them on. :)
And since I'm linking up with Thankful Thursday, I want to say that I'm incredibly thankful for all the amazing people who pour into my kids.
Xander's preschool teachers:
Ms. Robin and Ms. Susan
Amelia Jayne's daycare teachers:
Ms. Hannah and Ms. Susan
Xander's Waumba leaders at church:
Mr. Chad, Ms. Laura, Mr. Braydon, Mr. Gage and Ms. Jessica
Amelia Jayne's Waumba leaders at church:
Ms. Melissa, Ms. Josie, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Shelley
The other ladies at church who work tirelessly to make the preschool environments so fantastic. To name a few -Whitney, Lara and Sarah.
Mimi - my mom.
Grandma - David's mom.
And all the other people out there who love my kiddos so much and make it known to them.
Thank you.

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