Friday, September 27, 2013

Kids say the darndest things...

Amelia Jayne says some of the cutest things. She loves to talk, but doesn't always enunciate her words (like Xander always did :)). My all-time favorite thing that she says right now is Xander's name. She either calls him "Xenown" or "Xandu" - both of which bring a smile to my face.

Me: Amelia Jayne, what happened to your face? Did you bump?
AJ: No.
Me: Did you fall down?
AJ: No.
Me: Did something hit you?
AJ: Yes. Xenown.

Remember, nonny is Amelia Jayne's blanket.
AJ: Nonny!
Me: You want nonny?
AJ: Yes.
Me: Where is it? Go find it.
AJ: I want Xenown get it.
She's already trying to get that boy to be her servant.

X: Baby girl, can I have that or not?
AJ: Not.

X: Mommy! Amelia Jayne just hit me! She came over and just hit me on my back!
Me: Amelia Jayne, we do not hit. Tell Xander you're sorry.
AJ: Sawwy.
A few minutes later.
X: I still love you, baby girl. I'm not mad at you, but we don't hit.

Can I just stop right here and tell you how precious it is to me that Xander calls Amelia Jayne "Baby girl?" Oh my goodness. It is the sweetest thing. He usually only calls her Amelia Jayne when he's mad at her. :)
We kind of all call her baby girl, which is where Xander picked it up. And she refers to herself as "baby." I mean, it doesn't help that we gave her the longest name ever and it will certainly be awhile before she can clearly say her own name, but oh my. I'm always reminded of Dirty Dancing when she calls herself baby.
"Nobody puts baby in the corner."

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