Friday, May 13, 2011

All the babies...

My friend Crystal just announced her pregnancy a couple of weeks ago. I'm so excited for her! I have so many friends who are pregnant right now.  Out of five couples in my small group, one being Crystal and one being me, four of us are pregnant!  Here's the break-down of all my close pregnant friends, when they're due and if they're having a boy or girl:

Julie - June 4 (not finding out)
Angela - June 17 (girl)
Veronica - July 29 (boy)
Amanda - August 15 (not finding out)
Lisa - Sept 2 (not finding out)
Kristen - Sept 14 (girl)
Naphtalie - Oct 2 (boy)
Emily - Oct 30 (I find out at the end of May!)
Crystal - Nov 8 (?)

This is not even to mention all the other people I know who are pregnant including my neighbor, tons of facebook friends, and a few of David's friends!  It must be the time of life I'm in for all these pregnancies to be happening at the same time.  So much fun - but so crazy, too!

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