Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Go Panthers!

We took Xander to his first football game on Sunday. David's dad came with us, too. It was so fun! We sat on the second row, right behind the Panthers, on the 30 yard line. If you watched the game and saw Steve Smith get injured in the first quarter (and thankfully return to the game immediately after the injury) then we were less than 15 yards from where they were examining his back. Great seats!
Xander got his face painted, a souvenir cup and a Panthers football to bring home. The Panthers beat the Giants 38-0 and since both teams were 0-2, they were equally determined to win this game. The Panthers came through for us, keeping David's streak alive (he's been to 6 games and the Panthers have won every game he's been to).
Xander was probably a little too young to understand what was going on. He can't follow the game very well yet and doesn't really get it when you talk about the players and the ball and first downs, etc. He cheered when we made touchdowns and followed everyone else's lead when they clapped and cheered and stood up. Overall he did really well, not getting fidgety or upset, but he was definitely ready to go by the third quarter. We bought him some skittles and that, plus his new football, kept him occupied through the last quarter.
Can't wait to do it again sometime!




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