Friday, September 6, 2013

What I Learned in August

I'm behind. We're a week into September and I'm just now getting this out there...

1. The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, nuf said.

2. Though I lean towards girly things - I love a mani/pedi, sparkly jewelry, bubble baths, dolls and lipstick - I also have a deep appreciation for certain "boy" things - I like lots of sci fi and guy movies. I'm also not afraid of bugs or guns.

3. Though my husband seems to like "boy" type movies and TV shows, I've learned over the years that what he really loves is relationships. He may have started watching "Friday Night Lights" because it was about football, but what kept him coming back was his love of the characters and the relationships they had. Not to divulge too many of his secrets, but he loved the show "Felicity" and once I finally convinced him to watch "Parenthood" (one of the best TV shows on the air) he adores it. And he also laughs at "The Mindy Project" but, unfortunately I think that's because he's dealt with me over the past 9 years...

4. I am not a finisher. I start a project and move on to the next, only to go back and find all of my half finished projects sitting untouched. It's the way I work. (This is why I have 42 drafts sitting in my blog archives...yup, you read that right. Forty-two. Most of them you will never see.) With the exception of my outside-the-home job, I start something, move on to something else and then go back to my original task. (I do, however, finish things at the library. I kind of have to or I would get fired. But I don't do it in the typical way. I'm glad to have a job that caters to my work style.) BUT I'm learning that I LOVE to finish things. It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. Probably because it so rarely happens. :)

5. I want to be a gardener. Our new house has lots of opportunities for me to test this out. I lack confidence (as I do in many areas of my life), but I'm determined to be brave. And just try.
This desire came back to me when our inspector told us there is a Japanese Maple (which is beautiful) in our front flower bed that needs to be moved. It's slow-growing, but eventually the roots will grow into the foundation of our front porch if we don't move it. I'll probably hire someone to move it considering I don't know what I'm doing and it's a beautiful, not to mention expensive, tree that I would hate to kill. But I have big plans for other things in our yard and flower beds. I can't wait to start!!

6. I knew I loved to read, but I've read so many books this summer! I guess I'm reminded of how much I love to read. And a reminder is a great lesson.

7. I want to be unique. My husband's probably laughing as he reads this. Hello, Mr. Glass. :)
I see so many bloggers and things on pinterest that are truly unique, and I love the style, but I don't want to copy them. I want to be unique, too, and enjoy my style and what I do and the things I have. Maybe I need to learn how to showcase what I have and what I do? Perhaps that's what I need to focus on? Anyway, there are tons of things I would love to try out over the next few months and years. I'm so excited to get started. :)
Of course I am. See number 4.

8. Though I want to be a consistent blogger, there are times when I just can't do it. Life kind of gets in the way. Thank you for understanding and I hope I get to post lots more in the coming weeks.

9. I LOVE our new house. I love my bedroom and how spacious it feels. I love my closet and how amazingly large it is (I'm pretty sure I'm going to make one end of it Mommy's quiet place. I have plans for that space, oh yes. I have plans to add a chair and a lamp and maybe a little side table with a coaster for my coffee. I love my kitchen. I love setting up my computer at the kitchen table with the blinds open and sunlight filling the room. I love sitting here with a cup of coffee. I LOVE coffee.

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