Friday, September 6, 2013

School Days

My babies started school this week.

Preschool 2013.

Amelia Jayne is in the older toddler class and Xander is in the 4 year old class.

Amelia Jayne screamed her head off cried when I dropped her off at her classroom. I hope she gets used to it again soon. It breaks my heart to have her cling to me and scream out my name. Luckily for me, David will be the one dropping her off the majority of the time. :)

Xander is in his element. They learned the rules the first day of school and he came home telling me exactly what he's supposed to do at different times of the day. He told me all about how he should  treat his friends and books and how to take care of his lunch and his potty business. I mean, he already knew all these things, but it makes him happy to tell me all about it. :)

"I'm strong! I can do this!"

"See ya, Mommy!"

Those two.
Be still my heart.

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