Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Interesting articles and random facts

I read this article the other day. I've read a few of the books. I don't know if I would say they're life-changing.
The Giver is a great book.
Life of Pi made me think, while appealing to my creativity.
The Joy of Cooking has saved my life before. Or at least, my dinner.
The Artist's Way is insightful and I have The Artist's Way for Parents on my "to read" list.
The Fault in Our Stars certainly left an impression. And I would read it again.
Maybe there was some life-change there. :)

I found this blog through work. I really like it. There's some great ideas for story times, but there's also good reader's advisory and book reviews.

I found this app through Beth's blog. I haven't used it yet. Has anyone had experience with it? Love it or hate it?

September 15-October 15 is Hispanic Heritage month. We celebrate it at the library through programming and special displays and such. My friend, Vero, hired a Latina Zumba instructor, who does a program called Zumbini (Zumba for preschoolers), to present a program at the library. I took my kids and invited a couple of friends with girls Amelia Jayne's age. They all loved it! Xander talked about it the rest of the day and still mentions Ms. Gina, the instructor. Vero took pictures, so I'll post them on here when I get them from her.

Read this article the other day. L-O-V-E-D it. Can't say enough how true this article is and how much happier we would all be if we remembered that.

Made some stuff on pinterest lately.
Blueberry scones with lemon glaze
Cheddar cookies
Cracker candy
Spinach artichoke bites
BBQ chicken
I would recommend all of them. I might leave the lemon glaze off the scones next time and just eat the blueberry scone, but it was still yummy...and so easy to make!
I really enjoy cooking. And I especially like cooking in my new kitchen. :)

I helped co-host a Pinterest party last Friday night! It was so much fun! We each brought a dish we had found on Pinterest and a craft that we wanted to work on. I brought the stuff to make this wreath. It turned out so cute! I just need to add a bow...and I eventually want to add a wooden "L" painted black. We all enjoyed it so much that we want to make it a quarterly event.

Thought this article was funny and sad. Oh NC, can't we appreciate our teachers more??

I lol when I watched this video. Hashtags make me want to throw up. #puke

My favorite thing I've read lately are the funniest autocorrects of 2012. The language is terrible, so I apologize for that. But you have to read it. You will laugh so hard. David and I read them together and we were both crying by the end of it. You might even need to wear a depends. :)

If you love the Avett Brothers (and who doesn't?!?) then check out this video. David bought tickets for their New Year's Eve show in Charlotte. Can't wait!

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