Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Lion King

This is a picture of my boys just before we took Xander to see The Lion King on stage a couple of weeks ago.
Man, was it fantastic! I'd seen it before, but this time was even better. In a strange turn of events, David and I got put on the front row. WOW! Seeing it that close was truly amazing.
The costumes.
The make-up.
The literal in-your-face moments.
I was slightly bummed that I didn't sit with my boy, but Grandma had given him his ticket for Christmas, so it was only fitting that he sit with her. Plus, he really wanted to sit with her anyway. :)
And David and I got a mini-date. :D
Xander did amazingly well. He's the only little four-year-old I know who can sit through a three hour musical (with one intermission) and not make a peep or get antsy or fidgety. I was very proud of him. Of course, a kid who can handle a wedding alone should be fine in a play, right? :)

If you haven't seen this amazing musical, you should.

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Oh that's awesome! Ben and I are going with my family in October! I'm soooooooo excited!