Thursday, January 16, 2014

Interesting articles and random facts

I don't know if this grocery tip will be helpful, but I figured I'd share it. It's intriguing! I'm going to look into it further to see if it's worth my time. Tasha has 5 kids, so I can certainly see why it would be helpful for her!

I've read four of these books already and I'm considering reading a few more. They look pretty fascinating! I always get excited about seeing a novel come to life in the movies...even if they don't always do a great depiction of it.

I was at work, looking through some possible book titles for Valentine's Day and ran across this list. If you have little ones around you might consider reading a few of these for the holiday! I put quite a few of them on hold at my library.

I think I mentioned the rebranding of Charlotte Mecklenburg Library - here's a short video about it. I recognize a few of the voices on there, too. :)

Don't forget about Xander's preschool class blog! You can keep up with what he's learning and doing in school. :)
One of my favorite things lately is when I pick the kids up from preschool. Amelia Jayne always wants to hold her artwork in her hands so she can run up to Xander when we get to his class and show him what she's made. Then they compare their artwork from that day. It's so sweet to hear Xander's exclamations of, "Oh! It's so pretty!" or "That's a really cool ________." or "I just love what you made!" And Amelia Jayne's ooh's and aah's and occasional, "Cool."

I know I'm a nerd, but I did the math and Xander will reach his 2000th day on August 17th of this year. I'm so happy for him and so sad at the same time. I don't want to see that little guy grow up! And yet, I do. What a confusing mess of emotions I have! Check out this website on why the first 2000 days of a child's life matter.
FYI: Xander starts kindergarten on August 25th...he'll be 2008 days old!

Here's a great companion to A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman, called Seven Little Ways to Live Art. Check it out!

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