Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mommy Mondays

Now that Xander goes to preschool 4 mornings a week, Amelia Jayne and I have Monday mornings together. Xander has dubbed them "Mommy Mondays." I also drop him off at school AND pick him up so he gets to see me more on Mondays, too.
I'm trying to think of fun things to do on Mondays for me and my girl. I hate to go back home since it's such a long drive, so I'm trying to run errands in town (that I can with a 2-year old), plus throw in some fun adventures for her.
This past Monday we went to the mall. I didn't realize until we were almost there that Amelia Jayne has never been to a mall before. She kept asking me, "Is this the mall, Mommy?" every few minutes when she would look out the window. I had to get my phone fixed so we went to the Apple store. She had a great time playing on the iPads and singing songs. After finishing up there and then walking around the mall for a bit we got some lunch and a special cookie treat.

Some other things I'm thinking of doing with her:
Ray's Splash Planet offers preschool days two Mondays a month.
Rec Center playrooms
Story time at the library
Going for walks/playing at the park when the weather is nicer
Meeting up with a couple of my mom friends who have kids Amelia Jayne's age
Visiting Daddy at work for an early lunch
Any other suggestions? What are some outings you or someone you know likes to take with little ones?
This site had some great ideas for day-long or family-type trips.

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The pet store! My girls love it!